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Paris and Helen: the face that launched a thousand ships

Men have raised wars from time immemorial, may it for honor, supremacy, glory or love. The story of Paris and Helen is the splendor of two most notorious lovers which started the Trojan War leading to the end of a civilization. This historical love story offers a chivalry to the readers.

Who were Paris and Helen?

Helen, Queen of Sparta: symbol of tremendous beauty, is also known as “the face that launched a thousand ships”. As per Greek Mythology she was the daughter of Zeus by Lida and wife of Menelaus. Paris was the king of Troy and he was the son of King Priam. He has been mentioned in many Greek legends. His association with Helen led to the Trojan War.

Where does the story begin?

6The abduction of Helen by Paris led to the Trojan War, as Helen was the queen of Sparta. King Menelaus with his brother Agamemnon, powerful King of the Mycenaean’s attacked the Troy. The whole Greece joined the war either supporting Troy or Menelaus. Arrogant, rebellious and seemingly invincible warrior, Achilles supported Menelaus in the War. This war went on for a decade and more than 50,000 warriors were sent in one thousand bots to destroy the Troy.

Achilles was killed by Paris by hitting an arrow on his heals. Later Paris was killed by Philoctetes in the Trojan War. Menelaus raised the sword to kill his wife Helen, who had betrayed him. But captured by the flawless beauty of Helen he made her a slave for rest of her life.

The infatuation of two lovers led many to death and a civilization was destroyed. Troy was turned to ashes by the Greek warriors who entered the city of Troy in a giant wooden horse, which was the return gift of the War.

What is so special?

This story has seen immense bloodshed in the name of false power and love. The abduction of Helen was either for love, or due to Aphrodite’s spell, still remains a mystery. It was Paris’s blind desire for love and beauty which led to this War. Helen’s character is extremely challenging. Unlike the women of her time, she was not submissive and was the first feminists who challenged the status quo. She was a true fighter and not just a tramp.

Why is this story still important for us?

This story has a hidden message that love can join the hearts at the same time can destroy the lives of many. It is a story which says that you cannot always get what you want to achieve. A cascade of probabilities are set according to our actions, thus we should be careful in making all the decision of life. The right balance of heart and head is necessary to lead a normal life.

And what does the story teach us?

True love can become the strength to fight with the entire world, but making the informed decision is necessary. A blind trust in love can destroy lives. Love is a beautiful thing, which makes our life worth living for. Love can go very far, it can move mountains, cross the longest bridge, drive continuously or climb the highest peak and sometimes may lead many ships for war.

Demian Richter

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