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Cleopatra and Antony: True lovers

Cleopatra and Mark Antony are the two legendry lovers from the pages of history.

It is a love tale of an Egyptian queen and Roman General. Just like many other good love stories, this also carries a tragic end which flutters the heart of many listeners. It was made popular by William Shakespeare in early 1600s, by crafting these two lovers as the hero and heroine in his drama. Their story was re-narrated by Shakespeare in the most fascinated way which captured people’s heart for these lovers. Since then this story has been used by many musicians, directors and author as their story line and even today it convinces the heart of lovers.

9Who were Cleopatra and Mark Antony?

The play was first time printed in First Folio of 1623 and later Shakespeare detailed Cleopatra as his most complicated female character. It is a most captivating, outstanding and poignant love story of all time. Cleopatra VII was the most beautiful and intelligent last Pharaoh of Egypt. She was born in 69 BC and was the only Ptolemaic ruler who learned Egyptian. Basically she was a Greek by origin. She was amongst the most powerful, even-tempered, and insightful rulers of her time who possessed an ultimate combo of splendor with intellect. She had command over a dozen languages and was a great mathematician. She studied nun but was considered as most seductive women of her time.

Where does the story begin?

Her Alliance with Julius Caesar made her a mistress to Caesar. But after the assassination of Julius Caesar, the great Roman King, Cleopatra was thought to be involved in his murder with Cassius, an assassin of Julius Caesar. Later she was presented in front of Mark Antony who was the friend and successor of Caesar. Mark Antony was born around 87 BC and was almost 20 years elder to Cleopatra. He also had political roots and alley with Caesar.

So what is so special about this story?

As soon as Cleopatra and Antony saw each other they fell in love, a bond which later threatens the entire Roman Empire about the Egyptian interference in Rome. They got involved with each other and later moved to Egypt where they got married in 36 BC. This threatened most of the Romans about the growing power of Egyptian. This made Octavian (blood relative of Caesar) to become a rival to Antony for power, and in 31 BC he declared a war against Antony. Antony could not stop the gaining power of Octavian’s in the war and killed himself to escape imprisonment; Cleopatra could not bear this news and committed suicide by infecting a cobra bite in her chest.

And what makes this story so popular even today?

The love and sacrifice of Antony and Cleopatra is an epitome of worship. In spite of such power struggles and changing alliances Cleopatra and Antony kept their togetherness intact and died together. This love story has been inspiring lovers since centuries. The young lovers can identify with this story which inspires about sacrificing yourself for love.

What does the story teach us?

Teenagers can easily correlate with this story as sexual attraction and family opposition is still common in our society. It instigates the lovers to carry on with their love journeys, in all ups and downs. True love is the biggest strength which can help you survive amidst any storm of life. Love can also eradicate the hatred from this world so that the world can become a better place to live in.

Demian Richter

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