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Valentine’s Day – Reasons to Love It

Valentine’s Day has always been considered as a day for love. It is a day when flower shops, chocolatiers and gift shops have booming business, but the underlying theme of the day is love. For some people, Valentine’s Day is a nuisance and for others it could be a day of celebration that comes too quickly – just 1.5 months – after the festive season. Still others think that it is just a day for lovers and they should have one to spend this particular day with or else life is doomed! Regardless of how you view Valentine’s Day, you should learn to love, have fun and celebrate on this day. This is truly a very special day in the year, and there are many reasons that make this day special.

Reasons that Make Valentine’s Day Special

This is one day where you can celebrate love without feeling weird or strange. It is not just a day for lovers. It is day where you can celebrate other loves of your life – your parents, friends, siblings and children. You can make them see how special they are even though you may not be able to express your feelings all the time. You can show your kids you love them by cooking their favorite meal and letting them indulge in candy! You can thank your parents with a simple gift for being there for you all these years and they will cherish this gift forever. We often take our loved ones for granted and Valentine’s Day gives us a reason to stop and appreciate all those wonderful people in our lives, who have always been there for us and loved us unconditionally.

2This day is great for starting a courtship, as it is expected of you. You can do so without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious. You can ask a person out on a date without feeling the pressure. And, you can tell that someone that he or she is special to you without making a big deal of it. So this particular day is one of the best days in the year to express your love and feelings that you have been harboring for years, months or weeks for someone, and that someone will not take it amiss as its Valentine’s Day. And, if you are lucky in love, that someone will also confess to having similar feelings towards you! What a wonderful way to begin a relationship. Surely this day will become all the more special for you.

Valentine’s Day is a welcome break. Although not a holiday, it still allows you to look forward to something after the football season ends and when the weather is still too cold to spend time outdoors. It breaks the monotony of the month and makes you feel optimistic, as you realize that spring is just round the corner. It can lift your spirits and help you tackle life with renewed optimism.

As this day is not an official holiday, you do not have to conform to societal rules and head out on a picnic or visit your in-laws. Instead you can choose to spend it as you like. You can spend time with your loved ones celebrating love or you can stay home and feel depressed. However, depression should not be the choice you make, as everyone has people they love and care for. It does not necessarily mean a lover. Instead look around you and you will see that you are not really alone. There are people, who care about you. So on Valentine’s Day learn to appreciate those wonderful people in your life and you will automatically realize why people consider this day to be so special.

Gina Anderson

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