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How to: Celebrating Your First Valentine’s Day With Your New Boyfriend

What can you do for your first Valentine’s Day when you have been dating just for short while? It can be stressful and vexing in the early stages of the relationship. You know that you don’t want to scare your new boyfriend by being overzealous about celebrating Valentine’s Day, and at the same time, you would want to do something that shows your new boyfriend that he is special and you care about him.

Your first Valentine’s Day with your new boyfriend need not be a stressful day. It can be a memorable and fun day which you can reminisce about later, as the bonds of your relationship strengthen and you get to know each other better.

Loving and Caring

Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love and care. It is about reinforcing the feelings that already exist in the relationship. As your relationship is new, you may not want to do too much, but there are ways to show your feelings. Gifting a single red rose to your new boyfriend can do the trick. You can put the rose in the letterbox or carry it along with you if you are meeting on that day. The idea is to show that you care without putting too much pressure on your boyfriend.

Another way to spend meaningful time together is by forgetting about what others are doing on this day of love. You can stay home and chat, spend time together playing a board game and finish the day by ordering a pizza or Chinese takeaway. During this time, you can cuddle up with your new boyfriend, speak about mutual friends, even about your hobbies or the plans you have for the future. Not only will it help the two of you to get to know each other better, it will also bring you closer. You can be adventurous and light a few aromatic candles while eating the takeaway. Be sure to dim the lights to create a romantic atmosphere. It will increase the levels of intimacy and allow you to be a little naughty without feeling awkward or pushy!

Valentine’s Day Gift

As the relationship is still new and you may not feel like investing too much, you can also think about gifting your new boyfriend some inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift. It is best to stick to something small, so that you don’t scare away your new boyfriend. Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can consider which will show your new boyfriend that you care a lot for him and they won’t even make a hole in your pocket.

Gift Certificate

Although a gift certificate may sound impersonal, it makes a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. Hopefully, by now you have figured out that what your new boyfriend enjoys doing. If he likes carpentry, you can give him a gift certificate to buy tools at one of the stores in the city. If your new boyfriend likes going to the gym to shape up his body, give him a gift certificate for a day with a personal trainer. You are only limited by your imagination.

Music CD

Not only is this gift inexpensive, it will come across as being caring and sweet. You can make a music CD for your new boyfriend with all the music he likes. Avoid making the CD too romantic, as it may scare off your new boyfriend. However, if your relationship has reached a point where you can be romantic without coming across as pushy, you can include a few romantic songs, such as the first song you danced together on or the first song you both liked. This could help take your relationship to the next level.

Goody Basket

Nearly everyone enjoys treats and goodies and hopefully your new boyfriend is no exception. You can create a goody basket by filling with all the snacks, candies and alcohol your boyfriend enjoys. In fact, if you know your boyfriend’s hobby, you can make a themed goody basket. For instance, if you know your boyfriend is loves baseball, you can have baseball-shaped candies and cookies, a baseball mitt, a baseball, packets of chips and a couple of beer cans. The basket can be big or small, depending on what your budget is. You can be as creative as you like and tailor the goody basket to your budget.

Romantic Candlelit Dinner at Home

The best way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach, or at least that is what the age old adage claims. It is time to put it to test on your first Valentine’s Day with your new boyfriend. This is a wonderful way to show your new boyfriend that you enjoy spending time with him and want him to know that he is special. Cook his favourite meal and invite him over. It could be a simple spaghetti and meatballs, steaks or even burgers. Make sure you have his favourite wine (or beer). Light candles to create a romantic ambience and enjoy feasting on the meal together. You can be certain that your new boyfriend will appreciate the effort that you have put into making this day a special one for him without stressing him out. In fact, this could be a wonderful way to cement the relationship into a permanent and long-term one, if that is what you want.


Find out who your new boyfriend’s favourite author is and the genre of books he likes. Then go ahead to a bookstore and pick up a couple of books to gift your boyfriend. You can gift wrap the books, add a card that does not say ‘I Love You’, but still conveys your feelings.

Video Games

Most men love video games. If you know your boyfriend enjoys playing video games or has a PlayStation, you can gift him a game. Of course, you will first have to find out what he likes playing and then look for it. You can order online to save money and stay within your budget.

Your Wish List for Valentine’s Day

If your new boyfriend wants to make Valentine’s Day special for you, let him. He may try subtly to find out what you like or may want. Try not to demand expensive gifts, as your relationship is still new and you don’t want to come across as a ‘high-maintenance’ person. Keep it simple, such as chocolates, an inexpensive pair of earrings or bracelet, flowers, books, tickets to a play or movie or dinner to your favourite restaurant. Let your boyfriend show his feelings too and it will make you feel a lot more confident about your relationship and the way it is heading. Even if you don’t like the gift he presents, appreciate it. It is the thought that counts and you should feel happy that your new boyfriend wanted to make your first Valentine’s Day with him special and memorable.

What Not to Gift

Stay away from gifting your new boyfriend keepsakes, such as cuff links, engraved jewellery and watches. Also don’t buy any personal items, such as cologne, aftershave, socks, clothing and underwear. These gifts are best suited for couples that have been dating for a long time and are comfortable knowing the way the relationship is heading. Since your relationship is still new, avoid making major investments, but express your feelings with simple gifts.

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